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Immediate openings for 2-3 Appointment Setters.
(Salary+Bonus: Earn $100,000+ Working From Home)

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These are the qualities we are looking for on our Team. 
We have very strict, minimum standards (because these things matter).
If you can’t say a resounding ‘yes’ to these five things, PLEASE don’t apply:

1. You must be LIKABLE … someone who can easily engage with other people without it being forced or false.

2. You must be DISCIPLINED and embrace ROUTINE. This is not an improv stage. There are “I”s to dot and “T”s to cross because these are real people we’re trying to help. While each call will present its own challenges, you must be okay with doing the same thing every day, FROM HOME!

3. You must be COACH-ABLE. Our success as a Real Estate Sales Team is based on SYSTEMS, and this role is no different. There’s a good reason for each step we ask you to follow. Self-proclaimed Hot Shots need not apply. I’ll tell you upfront that step one for us is challenging your paradigm, forcing you to abandon your bad habits and re-building you from the ground up. If this offends you and you’re not open to this transformation, don’t apply.

4. You must have solid INTEGRITY. This role is NOT about making the sale at all costs. It’s about helping people get access to our consumer systems which will help them achieve THEIR goals. Sometimes this will mean saying No if someone isn’t a good fit. We are OK with that! We are NOT just trying to make sales at all costs. Because our marketing programs generate an abundance of Warm Branded Leads for us to follow up with, (Absolutely No Cold Calling) you can and will be instructed NOT to make appointments with just anybody. Your job will be to guide people who our genuinely motivated and qualified to meet with our Outside Sales Team. Doing so will help the customer achieve THEIR goals.  Doing the right thing must be more important to you than pushing for the sale.

5. This is a FULL TIME+ Career Opportunity, NOT A JOB. Salary +Bonus 

Ready to take the next step?
Call Our Automated Recruiting Hotline!
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Tell us a little about yourself, and why you would make an awesome
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